Powerhouse Brattørkaia in Trondheim, Norway

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The Powerhouse Alliance, a 10 year old Norwegian collaboration for innovation in energy, wanted to build a net zero energy smart building (Powerhouse Brattørkaia) that would serve as a leading example for the northern hemisphere: one that produces more energy than it consumes over its lifespan.

The aim of the project was threefold; to maximize the amount of clean energy produced by the building, to minimize the energy required to run it, and to serve as a pleasant space for its tenants and the general public.


Johnson Controls implemented state of the art building management solutions, installed low energy building devices, such as LED lighting and VAV HVAC systems, together with our most advanced energy efficient heat pumps and electric car chargers.

We also helped design a complete energy system that harvests twice the energy of the building’s annual consumption and draws heating and cooling energy from the ocean while sharing it with the building and other surrounding structures.

All systems are tracked on a digital dashboard that details occupancy, comfort and sustainability KPIs in given building zones.


On average, the Powerhouse Brattørkaia produces more electricity than it consumes daily and supplies renewable energy to itself, its neighboring buildings, electric buses, cars and boats through a local microgrid.

It produces 485,000 kWh annually, which is enough excess electricity to charge 200 electric vehicles.

The building is extremely energy efficient, achieving the BREEAM Outstanding certification, the highest possible ranking by the world’s leading sustainability assessment method.