Humber River Hospital, Toronto, Canada

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Humber River Hospital is North America’s first fully digital hospital with advanced information technology applied and integrated into patient care. As a result, the patient journey throughout the hospital is highly visible, easier to navigate, more interactive and significantly more patient-centered.

Through a 30-year contract, Johnson Controls has contributed to Humber’s technology design and implementation and now supports operations and maintenance for the hospital.


Johnson Controls provides financial guarantees on Humber’s operations and maintenance which ties some payment for services directly to building performance.

Tools such as OpenBlue Enterprise Manager and Smart Connected Chillers provide operational teams a more proactive approach to facility management with real-time information for improvements such as energy efficiency, asset performance, maintenance operations, and space performance which leads to patient and staff satisfaction and asset performance.


Johnson Controls has reduced energy consumption equal to 44.3 million kilowatt hours since 2016.