East Coast Public Library Seeks Security Upgrades to Create a Safer, Healthier Building

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Neal Vanskiver, Vice President, National Accounts, Johnson ControlsBy Neal Vanskiver, Vice President National Accounts, Johnson Controls

A 1970s public library seeks security upgrades that are mindful of historic preservation
An east coast public library built in the 1970s was looking to renovate their building and implement connected security technologies that create modern infrastructure while maintaining its historic charm. With over a century of experience supporting healthy communities, Johnson Controls was brought in early in the process to coordinate how best to work around historic preservation requirements to update the security system for the twenty-first century.

A community-first approach: minimizing disruption and listening to local needs
A public library exists to serve every member of its community while keeping them safe. As such, this east coast library needed a security system that was up to the task. No one knows a building better than its own security personnel, which is why Johnson Controls worked as strategic partner, listening to the library’s security team on what their needs were to be effective and working with outside architecture consultants on design changes, specifically camera placements. With all voices heard, they optimized camera placements to ensure that every space was being monitored without duplicative coverage.

Throughout the project, Johnson Controls worked to ensure the library remained open and functioning to the public. While it was necessary to move most employees to temporary locations over the course of the project, Johnson Controls seamlessly moved equipment to the temporary locations to limit downtime.

No one knows a building better than its own security personnel, which is why Johnson Controls worked as strategic partner, listening to the library’s security team and working with outside architecture consultants.

A safer, healthier and modernized environment for years to come
To modernize the security infrastructure and create connected, data-powered security, Johnson Controls implemented access control solutions and moved servers from temporary locations back to the main location. They increased the number of panels by 150 percent and the number of readers by 300 percent. The number of cameras was increased by 240 percent, as well. All of these improvements give better protection and decrease blind spots.

The working relationship with Johnson Controls, buoyed by the team’s advice not to implement unnecessary card readers, meant they didn't expand their outside security contract, saving $100,000 that can go towards other priorities. In addition, Johnson Controls built in a contingency to fund additional doors and cameras added at the end of the project, as well as for future maintenance. This ensured that the project was completed to the satisfaction of the customer and allowed new parts to be installed with no downtime.

To implement efficient building systems, customers need a strategic partner they can trust and rely upon for years to come. Building systems require maintenance to operate at maximum efficiency, and every building is different in the systems they have implemented and the service and maintenance required. In this case, Johnson Controls is providing on-site technicians who have the necessary tools to address any operational issues quickly and efficiently through a service contract.

By updating its security infrastructure with connected solutions, the resulting public library is modern, healthy and safe – and ready to serve its community. Click here for more on how you can implement security solutions that are right for your organization.

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